Céad Mile Fáilte - A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Old Military Hospital, Fermoy

by Paudie McGrath

Song Playing:
"Danny Boy"


Old Military Hospital


 © Paudie McGrath Cork Ireland 2003 -
Web Design: Linda Taylor Wollongong NSW Australia

old and new
Blue for old
Maroon for new

Abbey Street Abbey Street
Abercromby Place Abercromby Place
Aerodrome Fitzgerald Camp
Albert Place McDermott Place
Allen’s Walk Allen's Walk
Artillery Quay O'Neill Crowley Quay
Ashe Quay West Quay and Grubbs Quay

Bachelor’s Walk Bachelor's Walk
Bank Lane Kent Street, Nile Street,
           Bank Street

Bank Street Kent Street, Nile Street,
          Bank Lane

Barnane Walk Barnane Walk
Barrack Hill Oliver Plunkett Hill
Barrack Street Clarke Street, Pump Lane
Barrack Street West Bridget Street
Barrack Road Barrack Road
Barrack Lane West Shear's Street
Barrack Street West Bridget Street
Barrack Street East Colmcille Street
Barry's Boreen Barry's Boreen
Beechfield Estate Beechfield Estate
Bog Lane Redmond Street
Bowling Green Street Bowling Green St
Brian Boru Square King's Square
Bridewell Hill Kevin Barry Hill
Briscoe Place Victoria Terrace
BUPA Millhouse Millhouse
Butter Market Market Place

Catherine Street no longer exists
Casement Row Factory Row
Chapel Lane Waterloo Lane
Chapel Square Chapel Square
Church Hill Church Hill
Church Place Church Place
Clancy Street Cross Street
Clarke Street Barrack Street, Pump Lane
College Road College Road
Collis Row Collis Row
Colmcille Street East Barrack Street
Connolly Street Prince's Street
Cork Hill Terrace McDonagh Terrace           formerly The Range
Cork Hill Cork Hill
Cork Road Cork Road
Corrin Corrin
Corrin View Corrin View
Courthouse Place Courthouse Place
Cross Street Clancy Street

Devlin Street Pound Lane
Duntaheen Road, Duntaheen Road
Duntahane, Duntahane
Dublin Road Dublin Road

Elbow Lane, Elbow Lane
Emmet Street Newtown or William Street

Factory Row, Casement Row
Famine Graveyard Famine Graveyard
Fermoy Golf Club Corrin
Fermoy House, Fermoy House
Fermoy Bridge Fermoy Bridge
Fermoy Park Fermoy Park
Fitzgerald Camp Aerodrome
Fitzgerald Place Market Street or             Haymarket
Forge Lane Vulcan Street
Forglen Terrace Forglen Terrace
Frances Street Frances Street

Grattan Terrace Grattan Terrace
Green Hill Green Hill
Grubb’s Hill or Monument Hill
          St. Coleman's Hill

Grubb’s Quay Ashe Quay

Hillside Terrace Hillside Terrace
Haymarket Market Street Fitzgerald Place

John Anderson Place John Anderson Place

Kent Street Nile Street, Bank Lane,
          Bank Street

King's Inch King's Inch
King's Square Brian Boru Square
King Street MacCurtain Street

Liam MacGearailt Place
                  Liam MacGearailt Place

Little William O'Brien Street
           Little Wm O'Brien Street

Lynch Terrace Lynch Terrace

MacCurtain Street King Street
McDermott Place Albert Place
McDermott Terrace opposite Albert Place McDonagh Terrace Cork Hill Terrace
          or The Range

Market Lane Market Lane
Market Street Fitzgerald Place
Market Range Market Range
Market Place Butter Market
Marian Square Marian Square
Mess House Lane Mess House Lane
Military Cemetery Military Cemetery
Military Church Military Church
Military Hospital Military Hospital
Mill Road Mill Road
Millhouse BUPAMillhouse
Monument Hill or Grubbs Hill
           St. Coleman's Hill

New Lane no longer exists
New Market Street New Market Street
Newtown Emmet Street or William Street
Nile Street Kent Street Bank Lane,
          Bank Street

Old Market Street no longer exists
O’Connell Place, O'Connell Place
Oliver Plunkett Hill Barrack Hill
O'Neill Crowley Quay Artillery Quay
O'Rahilly Row Walker's Row

Pearse Square Queen's Square,
Parnell Terrace Parnell Terrace
Pike Road Pike Road
Patrick Street Patrick Street
Pound Lane Devlin Street
Prince's Street Connolly Street
Pump Lane Clarke Street      Barrack           Street aka Pump Lane

Quarry Lane Slate Lane
Queen’s Square Pearse Square

Rathealy Road Rathealy Road
Redmond Street Bog Lane
Richmond Hill Walker's Hill

St. Bernard's Place St. Bernard's Place
St. Coleman’s Hill Monument Hill
          or Grubb's Hill

St. Coleman’s Park St. Coleman's Park
St. James Place St. James Place
St. Joseph's Square St. Joseph's Square
St. Mary’s Crescent St. Mary's Crescent
St. Patrick's Avenue St. Patrick's Avenue
Slate Lane Quarry Lane
Springfield Cottages Springfield Cottages
Store Lane Store Lane
Strawhall Strawhall

Terrence McSwiney Street
          Terrence McSwiney Street

The Boreen The Boreen
The Hay Market Fitzgerald Place
The Range, Cork Hill Terrace
           McDonagh Terrace

Thomas Street Thomas Street

Uplands Uplands

Victoria Terrace Briscoe Place
Vulcan Street Forge Lane

Walker's Hill Richmond Hill
Walker's Row O'Rahilly Row
Waterloo Lane Chapel Lane
West Barrack Lane Shear's Street
West Barrack Street Bridget Street
West Quay and Grubbs Quay Ashe Quay
White Wall White Wall
William Street Emmet Street or Newtown
Wolfe Tone Park Wolfe Tone Park
Woodlawn on Pike Road

Bail ó Dhia ar an obair
May God's blessing be on your work